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Lupine flour BIO/Organic is a product obtained in the process of micronization seeds of organic lupine. This plant is characterized by a high content of protein and fiber.

Additional advantages of lupine:

  •  affects the regulation of cholesterol and blood pressure,
  •  has an extremely low glycemic index GI15 and reduces the level of glucose in the blood,
  •  does not contain gluten and is not subjected to genetic modification,
  •  is one of the best sources of arginine - an amino acid that has a good effect on the performance of blood vessels,
  •  is a good source of folic acid.

Lupine flour BIO/Organic is ideal as an alternative to ordinary flour, as an ingredient in the production of bread, cookies, pasta or pancakes. It shows emulsifying properties, binds water and increase the freshness of products. In addition to other types of flour, it increases the nutritional value of the products to which it is added.

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